World's Worst Housing Policies, Episode 1: When San Mateo Reinvented Craigslist
San Mateo County covers roughly half of the exorbitantly-priced peninsula directly south of San Francisco and north of Santa Clara County, part of what is colloquially considered Silicon Valley. In an effort to aid the most vulnerable among the region’s cost-burdened renters, the county government’s Department of Housing funds a Home Sharing program to pair prospective tenants with people looking to rent out a spare room — or even half a room. To sweeten the deal, the program offers a $250... more
San Mateo to Consider 74 Homes Near Hillsdale Caltrain
At 7:30 PM tonight, the San Mateo Planning Commission will be reviewing permit applications for Hillsdale Terrace, a mixed-use development of 74 condos and 14,000 square feet of ground-floor retail within walking distance of the Hillsdale Caltrain station. Owner LFG Properties are seeking to replace the underutilized site, formerly home of Taxi’s Hamburgers, with a five-story building that would implement the state density bonus law to include more affordable housing. LFG could legally... more