Mountain View City Council Votes to Support Rent Control
Mountain View renters clinched a major victory in their municipal legislature last night when the City Council voted unanimously to defend a rent control measure. Previously, Mountain View’s City Council had voted in a closed session to comply with a restraining order against the recently-passed Measure V, filed by the California Apartment Association, a statewide real-estate lobbying group. In another vote behind closed doors yesterday, the council approved a resolution to defend Measure V... more
Mountain View Tenants Rally to Defend Rent Control Measure
Yesterday morning, Judge Beth McGowen approved a restraining order filed against the City of Mountain View by the California Apartment Association (CAA) to halt the implementation of a voter-approved rent control ordinance known as Measure V. The order stipulates that protections against just-cause evictions are to remain in place, meaning that tenants could still feasibly resist evictions filed in anticipation of caps on rent increases. By 4:30pm, the Mountain View Tenants Coalition (MVTC)... more