Scene Report: Sculpture in Philadelphia
Feb 14, 2017
Where: PRACTICE Gallery, Philadelphia PA When: Feb. 3-26 2017 Name: MY DAUGHTER'S WEDDING Interview with Rose Luardo about her show “My Daughter’s Wedding.” 1. First, in a few sentences, can you describe your show? It's a show of thrills, rides and videos inspired by friendship, clowning and transformation. The pieces include a wall of breasts, a psychedelic coffin with an audio component (my father recounting his dialysis cruise set to mood music), an installation (the leavings of a woods... more
Club Chai Celebrates First Year of Oakland Grooves
The popular term IDM, for “Intelligent Dance Music,” presupposes that simplicity of form is inherently dumb, or at least of lesser intelligence. But we all know that’s bullshit. The Oakland DJ collective Club Chai knows there’s zero correlation between complexity and depth, and they seem to exploit the very falseness of that dichotomy into a wild success—not to mention a treat for the listener/dancer. Club Chai’s new mixtape Club Chai Vol. 1 culls the best material from their sweaty,... more
We’re On A Boat: The Lab Takes Noise for a Joyride
Sandy Buschman left San Francisco a year ago to open a bar in Puerto Rico. La Boveda, in San Juan’s Viejo San Juan district, hosts weekly experimental concerts largely of the same noisy, challenging nature that Sandy brought to the Bay Area. We really want her back. So much so, in fact, that Mission-based music non-profit collective The Lab paid to fly her back for a one-of-a-kind (okay, four total) party on a boat cruise around the San Francisco Bay. Reunited with Oakland-via-Venezuela... more
SF Sketchfest Brings Local Flavor and Global Laughs
San Francisco is perpetually a city of rising stars, but conventional wisdom dictates that once they rise, they must flee for Los Angeles with all deliberate haste. SF Sketchfest has established itself as a global institution to counter the tinsel-town dominance of show business, pushing the envelope with new and innovative comedians alongside the star power of established stalwarts. If you find yourself staring at a list of obscure names, don’t worry—it’s as much of a celebration for... more
On Haight Street, a Noise Music "Family Reunion"
Last night at the Second Act Gallery, friends embraced; smiles abounded; outside, some gathered in circular formations to pass around weed and pizza. Oh, yes, and there was music. The Second Act, a stalwart of San Francisco’s experimental and electronic music scenes, now shares its home with another longtime Haight institution, The Bookbinder, which is setting up The Bindery in the gallery's front space. On this night, musicians and fans gathered to pay homage to the music of Jsun McCarty,... more
Review: "Arrival" Is Here But Can It Please Leave Now?
Nov 28, 2016
For this year’s holiday sendoff, BAMO reviews Arrival, Denis Vellevue’s latest dreamy sci-fi flick starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner’s biceps. “Arrival” is an interesting word choice for this film title. It is mysterious, vague, and relatively neutral in tone – we don’t have any indication if what happens after the “arrival” will be good or bad. At some level, there is a looming, ominous feeling, just from the sheer scale of the vessels shown in the movie posters and trailer, but little... more
Cartoon: "Not For Sale"
Copyright Krusty Wheatfield 2016 © more
At Regional Record Fair, Tapes Steal the Show
San Francisco’s Swedish American Hall was packed to the rafters yesterday with nerds, hipsters, and socialites alike basking in their shared reverence of the vinyl revival. Even without its stellar roster of vendors, I knew the Bay Area Record Fair (BARF) was where I belonged on a Sunday afternoon. The main auditorium was brimming with several live DJs, cash transactions, and cute tote bags holding bucketfuls of indie rock over neatly corduroy-covered shoulders. Some tables were more active... more
Comics: The Atherton Police Blotter
This is an illustrated adaptation of "The best of the Atherton police blotter," an irregular feature on the San Jose Mercury News. -Eds. Copyright Krusty Wheatfield 2016 more
Video: San Francisco's "Pony-Tailed Godfather of White Paternalism"
This fascinating documentary on San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District sheds some much-needed light on the city’s topsy-turvy housing politics. The KRON film Assignment Four: A report from the neighborhood chronicles the Haight neighborhood’s down-zoning in 1972 in response to a nationwide period of urban renewal, in which several lower-income neighborhoods in the city were demolished for freeway construction. In light of today’s op-ed in the Examiner titled “The progressives’ black... more