NIMBYism Explained
Tim Lund lives in Southeast London. The following is reprinted with permission from the author. A while back, I posted this on my local forum: I had a eureka moment about this a few days ago – the rise of the NIMBY is a consequence of greater fragmentation of freeholding. It’s obvious really – if more occupiers have the legal rights of freeholders, they will use them to oppose development, and if there are fewer opportunities for large scale freeholders to redevelop areas, coherently and... more
Scene Report: Los Angeles Affordability Threatened by Measure S
If you thought classism, racism, and an overall I-got-mine NIMBY mentality couldn’t get any worse in coastal California, Measure S should have you thinking again. The so-called “Neighborhood Integrity Initiative” brings staunch Trumpism to the nation’s most populous and diverse metropolitan area in an effort to bring an unpredictably vast majority of new development to a halt. Measure S is framed rather innocuously as a “Temporary Moratorium [That] Stops Council Approvals of Projects that... more
Scene Report: Hong Kong
Feb 21, 2017
Hong Kong has its own housing shortage — and NIMBY problems. According to the South China Morning News, families face a wait time of over four years before they can move into public housing. Experts blame a lack of construction and labyrinthine land rezoning processes. The government now admits they will be 44,000 units short of their public housing construction goal by 2017. Meanwhile, leaders are unable to follow through on their plans to build mental health centers for the poor due to... more
Scene Report: Sculpture in Philadelphia
Feb 14, 2017
Where: PRACTICE Gallery, Philadelphia PA When: Feb. 3-26 2017 Name: MY DAUGHTER'S WEDDING Interview with Rose Luardo about her show “My Daughter’s Wedding.” 1. First, in a few sentences, can you describe your show? It's a show of thrills, rides and videos inspired by friendship, clowning and transformation. The pieces include a wall of breasts, a psychedelic coffin with an audio component (my father recounting his dialysis cruise set to mood music), an installation (the leavings of a woods... more
Wiener Proposal Brings Teeth to State Housing Goals
State Senator Scott Wiener (D – San Francisco) announced further details today on SB-35, his proposed “Housing Accountability and Affordability Act.” The bill aims to streamline and incentivize infill housing development to ease the state’s housing shortage, and mend the flaws that stalled similar efforts by Governor Jerry Brown last summer. Central to Wiener’s proposal is enabling California to enforce compliance with individual cities’ Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA), which the... more
State Agencies Weigh In on Housing and Mobility
California’s high housing costs are central to the state’s struggle with growing economic inequality. As state agencies analyze the causes and impacts of the chronic urban housing shortage, analysts have also begun zeroing in on the unique manifestations of the current widening income gap. Yesterday, the Legislative Analyst’s Office released a report titled “Income Mobility in California Across Generations,“ illustrating a variety of characteristics underpinning California’s unique status as... more
Chiu Seeks Additional Housing Funds by Ending Real-Estate Tax Benefit
Californians eager to see additional funds for low-income housing may soon see relief from a proposal to fund such programs with additional tax revenue levied on those with significant real estate assets. Specifically, Assemblymember David Chiu (D – San Francisco) has proposed ending the state’s mortgage interest deduction for owners with a second home. Chiu’s bill, AB 71, would direct new revenue to fund existing tax credits for the construction of low-income housing. Dubbed the Bring... more
Review: "Arrival" Is Here But Can It Please Leave Now?
Nov 28, 2016
For this year’s holiday sendoff, BAMO reviews Arrival, Denis Vellevue’s latest dreamy sci-fi flick starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner’s biceps. “Arrival” is an interesting word choice for this film title. It is mysterious, vague, and relatively neutral in tone – we don’t have any indication if what happens after the “arrival” will be good or bad. At some level, there is a looming, ominous feeling, just from the sheer scale of the vessels shown in the movie posters and trailer, but little... more
Op-Ed: What This Election Really Means
In 2017, Donald Trump will be our next president. That means that anything is possible politically, for better or worse. Trump won in part due to the increasing numbers of people who feel marginalized, regardless of background. The national election was more than anything about inequality, and the failure of political Progressives to respond to the marginalized in a meaningful way. Whether you rent or own, paying for housing makes up the biggest chunk of working families’ budgets, and the... more
Former LA Mayor Villaraigosa Announces Run for Governor
Former Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa announced today that he would be running for Governor of California in 2018. The candidate will be facing steep opposition in a crowded race that will include current Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, State Treasurer John Chiang, and former schools superintendent Delaine Eastin. Raised by a single mother in Boyle Heights, Villaraigosa served for two terms as the first Latino mayor of Los Angeles from 2005 to 2013. During his mayoralty, Los Angeles... more