Alameda Shows Support for Housing, Immigrants
Alameda’s City Council meeting covered a dizzying variety of issues last night—among other notable actions, the city affirmed its status as a sanctuary city. Over the objections of a handful of older residents, the Council largely supported the efforts of several dozen demonstrators urging the city to draft a more specific resolution to protect the civil rights of migrants. More subtly, but perhaps just as importantly, the City Council also united to support an ambitious mixed-use... more
At First Sight, Alamedans Welcome Density on Waterfront
Alameda’s Planning Board convened in council chambers to review the Encinal Terminals Master Plan, an ambitious proposal on the island’s waterfront facing Oakland. What proceeded was a spectacle most unusual in the Bay Area: a municipal public hearing in which virtually every attendee enthusiastically supported greater density. “Across the estuary, Oakland will be building up to 30 stories at the Brooklyn Basin,” one speaker noted. “So I think fourteen stories might not even be tall enough... more