Mountain View City Council Votes to Support Rent Control

Diego Aguilar-Canabal
Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mountain View renters clinched a major victory in their municipal legislature last night when the City Council voted unanimously to defend a rent control measure.

Previously, Mountain View’s City Council had voted in a closed session to comply with a restraining order against the recently-passed Measure V, filed by the California Apartment Association, a statewide real-estate lobbying group. In another vote behind closed doors yesterday, the council approved a resolution to defend Measure V against any litigation by the CAA. The decision was preceded b y a small rally outside of City Hall by the Mountain View Tenants Coalition, a grassroots organization that campaigned to pass the measure.

While the council was largely reluctant to support Measure V during election season, former mayor Pat Showalter had offered positive comments, despite his reservations that passing rent control as a charter amendment was too extreme.

Current Mayor Ken Rosenberg informed the Tenants Coalition that his office had been flooded with a record number of emails urging city officials to support Measure V.

MVTC published excerpts from emails sent to city officials, including the following:

The City Council's decision to agree to a temporary restraining order against Measure V is costing our family $575 every month. As of April 1, it will start costing us $775 every month. We have been trying to save up for a house for years. With the rent increases over the recent years it's harder and harder to make progress toward that down payment.

“This is a big victory,” Daniel DeBolt, of MVTC, wrote in an email. “The city is now going to put its considerable resources towards the legal defense of a rent control law that all but one council member opposed. In the end, the council decided to honor the wishes of voters. We are all very relieved.”

Photo courtesy of Daniel DeBolt.